Lovely Poem about the Lake District

The River at Sawmill Cottage

10th May 2023

This lovely poem was written by guests that stayed at Sawmill Cottage in May 2023

“In the heart of the Lake District, we made our stay,

At Sawmill Cottage, a beauty in every way,

Our days filled with adventure, our nights with peace,

Memories that will never cease 


We had great BBQs, with laughter and cheer,

Grilling food to perfection, with nothing to fear,

The stream at the end of the garden, a tranquil sight,

A melody so sweet, it felt just right.


From Elterwater to Windermere, we did roam, 

Until we came back to the place we called home,

The sights and sounds, they filled our soul,

A place so magical, our hearts made whole.


As we bid adieu to the Lake District’s glow,

Our memories remain, like a cherished bow,

Sawmill Cottage, our beautiful retreat,

A place of peace, where memories will always meet.”

Victoria Burrell

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