The Lake District

The Lake District is England’s largest national park and definitely the most beautiful.

This the UK’s top holiday destination throughout spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The Lake District is the largest natural ‘adventure playground’ in England.

There’s a huge variety of activities available to people of all ages, all set in England’s most stunning scenery where the diverse & natural landscapes are geographically unique.

There are literally hundreds of lakes and tarns in the Lake District, but there are 16 lakes of notable size. Each lake and valley has a distinct character of its own.

The Langdale Pikes

Great photo of the Langdale Pikes by Simon Cleasby

Coniston Valley

The Coniston Valley in 2023

England’s Largest National Park

England has 5 mountains over 3000 feet high (900 meters) and all 5 of them are here in Cumbria! At 885 square miles, the Lake District is home to England’s deepest lake, Wastwater, England’s longest lake, Windermere, and England’s highest mountain, Scafell Pike. The Lake District is England’s largest and most beautiful national park and also boasts some of northern England’s most spectacular coastline.

This gorgeous national park is quite simply breathtaking. To help you get the most out of your holiday, we’ve created several pages of information below about our wonderful corner of England.

A Unesco World Heritage Site

The Lake District is the UK’s first national park to win UNESCO World Heritage Status

Rolling fells, spectacular mountains and stunning lakes, the Lake District is very deserving of its Unesco World Heritage status.
There’s so much here to offer from gentle hills and valleys to dramatic jagged peaks, stunning beaches, coastal cliffs, vast tidal estuaries, roaring waterfalls, meandering rivers and streams and large forests.

Windermere Steamer on Windermere

Windermere Steamer on Windermere Lake

Lakeland 100 Race

Man running in the Lakeland 100 race in the Lake District

Adventure & Activities

The Lake District, Cumbria is the adventure capital of the UK.

Whatever kind of holiday adventure or outdoor activity interests you, the Lake District is the best UK destination for an action-packed adventure holiday. From walking to abseiling, zorbing to kayaking, there is something for everyone.

Whilst there are hundreds of lakes and tarns, the Lake District has 16 lakes of reputable size. Each lake and valley has a distinct character of its own.

Alfred Wainwright the great guidebook author and illustrator famously wrote about his 1st trip to the Lake District in 1930:- Alfred Wainwright

“I was totally transfixed, unable to believe my eyes. I had never seen anything like this. I saw mountain ranges, one after another, the nearer starkly etched, those beyond fading into the blue distance. Rich woodlands, emerald pastures and the shimmering water of the lake below added to a pageant of loveliness, a glorious panorama that held me enthralled. I had seen landscapes of rural beauty pictured in the local art gallery, but here was no painted canvas, this was real, this was truth. God was in his heaven that day and I  am a humble worshipper”

The Great Outdoors

It’s fun,

It’s free,

And it’s good for you!

……………..and don’t just take our word for it, listen to the great poet, Tony Walsh, in this visually stunning video that sums up the beauty of England’s most beautiful national park.

The Lake District is Amazing!

Here’s a lovely video made the kids from Grasmere school. Top Tips for enjoying the Lake District:-