L’Enclume in Cartmel awarded 3 Michelin stars

16th February 2022

Simon Rogan’s L’Enclume restaurant becomes the first restaurant in northern Britain to win the most prestigious culinary award in the WORLD!

Incredibly, L’Enclume actually has 4 Michelin stars. This top Cartmel restaurant was also awarded a ‘Green Michelin Star’ last year. Green stars are awarded for a restaurant’s “sustainable practices”. Simon Rogan and his team source the vast majority of their food for their Cartmel restaurants from their own farm, just half a mile north of Cartmel.

The farm grows organic produce all year round.

L’Enclume is now the only UK restaurant outside of the southeast of England to have 3 Michelin stars.

There are only 2 other 3 Michelin star restaurants outside of London – Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck and the Roux families Waterside Inn, both in Bray in Berkshire.

L’Enclume opened 20 years ago in 2002 and was awarded its 1st Michelin star 3 years later in 2005.

Simon Rogan opened his 2nd Cartmel restaurant in 2008 – Rogan & Co. which went on to be awarded a Michelin star of its own in 2018.

2013 saw L’Enclume be awarded its 2nd Michelin star and also voted as the best restaurant in the UK by The Good Food Guide.

Cartmel has been a destination village for ‘gastronaut foodies’ for several years now. You can read more about the amazing food destination that Cartmel has become here>>>

Needless to say, even before today’s announcement, you usually have to book months in advance for lunch or dinner at L’Enclume. However, many people, my wife and myself included, love Simon Rogan’s other Cartmel restaurant – Rogan and Co.

Rogan & Co. has maintained its 1 Michelin star for 5 years now and is a lot more affordable than L’Enclume. The a la carte menu in Rogan & Co. averages about £45 for 2 courses or £57 with desert.

Our 3 wonderful properties in Cartmel village are very popular with people who have booked to eat at Simon Rogan’s restaurants. We also have a 4th  cottage 1 mile away in Cark in Cartmel.

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Our Coniston cottages are only 20 minutes drive from Cartmel. You can see our Coniston cottages here>>>

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